The Photographer

Niraj Patel is a Chicago-based photographer specializing in architectural, culinary, commercial, lifestyle portraiture and fine art landscape work.

Niraj was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Having grown up surrounded by physicians, he always thought he’d be the next Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable starring in a real-life version of The Cosby Show when he was older. With the passage of time, however, this thought changed quite a bit.

Niraj majored in Finance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and thereafter obtained his J.D. from the Loyola University-Chicago School of Law. He worked for one of Chicago’s most prestigious law firms for a few years until forces in the legal job market intervened and politely suggested that he find work elsewhere. Though still actively engaged in the practice of law, Niraj’s sincerest passion and interest lie in the world of Photography.

Niraj enjoys a wide variety of activities when he’s not at work, with his two favorite hobbies being playing the guitar and cooking. He finds that these two activities, along with Photography, more than adequately scratch the inner-artist “itch” residing inside of him and put his creative imagination into good use.

More than anything else, Niraj is an eternal student of Life and does his best to savor every minute of it. He enjoys life’s simplest pleasures, and he finds that humor enhances almost every experience. Niraj is the funniest guy he knows (just ask his wife) and is always happy to share his sense of humor with whomever is nearby.